The Story

Carmen Sanz. has been dedicated to holistic therapies for the last 10 years. She found inner growth through meditation, various therapies and spiritual practises.

Wellness director at Vivid Vibration in Hong Kong. Coordinating, leading and creating wellness and educational programs.  


I practice sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls at Enhale Meditation Studio in Central, Hong Kong. 

I use Reiki in my group and individual sound treatments and. yoga sessions to amplify the healing benefits of each practice. 

I teach Hatha yoga for adults and Kidding Around Yoga for children. I also assist teaching children with special needs in Cornwall School. for YAMA Foundation.  

I am certified Integral Yoga Teacher (200h), Tao Flow Teacher (200h), Yoga Therapy for Chronic Illness (80h) and Children Yoga (25h)


I have studied and practiced Thai and Ayurveda massage since 2010.

The inner journey has never stopped, I keep learning from my students, clients and teachers. In full gratitude.

The Approach

I am certain we can  all live a better and more fulfilled life if we keep true to ourselves and in-tune with who we are. Finding the connection to oneself can be done in many ways. I choose meditation, sound healing and yoga wisdom to assist people in this journey to their unique, optimal selves.