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Carmen Sanz  is a therapist and yoga teacher. She is certified in Integrative Vibrational Therapy, Reiki Master, Tao Flow Yoga Teacher, Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher, Kids Yoga teacher, Thai massage and Ayurveda massage therapist.

She is passionate about leading people  to connect with themselves exploring their own paths through mindfulness practices and sound healing.  She holds regular sound baths, one-to-one sound therapy treatments, private and group yoga sessions for all ages.

Committed to continuous learning of holistic education from around the world. She weaves inspiring meditations and sound healing treatments throughout her sessions. Applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary Western world in a useful and understandable way that is accessible to participants of all ages and backgrounds.


Sound Healing

Sound Massage & Group Sessions

“Wonderful sound massage and really feel refreshed, recharged and distressed. Highly recommend it! I am never a yoga or meditation person but I’m loving this!”



“This modality is new to me but I have already received amazing benefits from singing bowl sound massage sessions with the wonderfully carmen!! My body really responds deeply to the bowls, I go very deeply into a new kind of relaxation that is delicious.” 


I would recommend Carmen to anyone interested in yoga, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced student. She is an excellent teacher able to adapt to her students. She is amazing at making students feel completely relaxed. Carmen respects everyone's own rhythm and her ability to connect with people creates a comfortable and safe atmosphere which is perfect for the practice. 



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Choose a studio location for your private session: The Body Hub in Sheung Wan or Meera Yoga Studio, WCH, Hong Kong